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Metal Winders Troubleshooting Tips 

Metal winders do not need any greasing or oiling, they should wind smoothly with normal metal gear sound. No harm with oiling, however it is not necessary. 

If the gears are a little tight when cranking, please see this video on our Youtube channel for a tip on how to relieve the tight fit between the gears. No disassembly or tools needed, just minimal effort to ease the gear tension.

If the flyer touches the yarn guide, please see this video for a quick tip.

With continued use of the High Speed MH-701 winder, the cranking arm (that has the plastic grip, not the flyer) might become a bit loose, so re-tightening the screws holding the arm (attached to the white gears) with a phillips screw driver will ensure a tight arm fit for a good winding experience.


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Your Satisfaction is guaranteed 

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